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Closed for the Season - Back in 2020!

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Action Jax Family Fun Park

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At Action Jax we have three types of karts so everyone can join in the fun. Each type has it's own set of regulations for safety reasons must be followed.


Safety First - We want you to have fun!


Helmets are required for all participants.

No food or beverages in the track area.

No smoking in the track area, the karts are Gas Powered.

Only kart drivers and track operator are allowed in the track area while the karts are in operation and while the track attendant requires the area to be clear.

Do not leave the kart at any time once the karts are in operation.

Go Kart Track

Track Rules

These are go-karts not bumper karts, NO BUMPING is allowed. You will be given one warning only then the track operator will revoke your track time if you continue to ignore the rules and drive recklessly.

Obey the track operator at all times, all karts must stop or slow down when asked to do so. All Karts must stop if another on the track has spun out, the run time will stop during the recovery. The track operator will help will restart the run and timing will then continue.

You must be able to operator the brake and gas pedal plus steer the kart safely.

Only pass on your left to reduce the risk of collision.

Go Kart Types

Track Time Sessions

At times the track can get busy, when this occurs we only allow 5-minute timed intervals. With a "Super" package this would be 5 x 5-minute intervals.

Anyone who wishes to race for 25 minutes at once are asked to arrive 30 minutes before the end of day when we are more able to allow longer track times.

If you wish to rent the track and race out of hours please let us know and we can arrange an appointed time for your group.

If you have your own kart and want to rent the track please contact us. (the kart must meet our safety requirements)



The Track

Action Jax's Go-Kart track is a 1/4 mile outdoor smooth asphalt track specifically designed for karting. The twin lane starts with a straightaway then there are nine banked corners that challenge the best of drivers.

Our outdoor lighting and viewing platform make night time races perfect for corporate events.

Watch our you tube video to see the whole track.